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The Professional Wrestling History Community

A Celebration of the World's Most Entertaining Sport

Professional Wrestling History
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Welcome to the PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING HISTORY COMMUNITY. This journal is your forum to discuss the great legends of the business, as well as reminisce about your fondest memories of this fine "sports entertainment" art form.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF WRESTLING: Known worldwide as the world's oldest competitive sport, wrestling was first seen in a series of Egyptian wall paintings over 5,000 years ago in the early stages of civilization. When the Olympic Games first started in 776 BC over two millenniums later, wrestling was a featured competition, eventually reaching main event status in subsequent years. Over the course of time, wrestling became a popular pastime throughout much of the ancient world, from Greece, Assyria and Babylon to India, China and Japan. Greco-Roman wrestling was resurrected in these parts of the world, a form of wrestling they had believed to be a carryover from the Greek and Roman wrestlers of yore.

By the 1800s and early-1900s, wrestling had taken on different life forms, in both Olympic competition as well as professional, "exhibition" style. The latter had undergone many dramatic changes over the course of the twentieth century, from the days of George Hackenschmidt and Frank Gotch when professional wrestling was still presented as a competitive sport: the era of Gorgeous George when the business started to experience a turn towards more flamboyant in-your-face characters; the red-and-yellow explosion of the 1980s called Hulkamania; the "Extreme" 1990s, which popularized a new "Attitude" immersed in hardcore wrestling; taking us into the present era, where in many ways--while wrestling will always have its bizarre storylines and characters--wrestling has also come full-circle, with athletes like Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and A.J. Styles taking center stage, putting a great emphasis on the more athletic side of pro wrestling.

Below you will find a list of Community Rules and guidelines.

Community Rules

1. BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER COMMUNITY MEMBERS. Debating and spirited discussion is one thing; personal attacks and hating on other members are another. Anyone who violates this rule will be banned. Period. There is no room for LJ Drama around here or anywhere else. It gets old after like five seconds, believe that. Please respect your fellow members; it's the right thing to do, brother!

2. PLEASE STAY FOCUSED. This community is devoted to discussing the history of professional wrestling (anything prior to 2004 is permitted here). Any topics regarding the present and future of the business (like news and rumors) should be posted in a general wrestling community journal, like say, wwe. However, if it's something present-day in relation to wrestling history (like, for example, what would happen if Rob Van Dam faced Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka in his prime), that's fine. But any discussion regarding last night's TNA pay-per-view and that sort of thing should be kept to general wrestling discussion communities. This rule will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. Any posts with no relation to wrestling history will be deleted.

3. PARTICIPATION. Everyone who joins is welcome to post. Your active involvement is encouraged! As long as the topic is about something wrestling history-related, post away!

4. THE LJ CUT. Any long posts (whether they include images or not) must be placed behind the LJ cut or they will be deleted. If you do not know how to use the LJ cut, please refer to the LJ FAQ at the top of the page.

5. LINKS TO OTHER WRESTLING COMMUNITIES. If you have a wrestling-related community and would like to promote it, please e-mail me at iamsk3@gmail.com. DO NOT ask me in the journal itself or your request will be ignored. Communities may promote themselves on the main page only if they are updated at least once a month. Also, the community maintainer or co-maintainer must make the request personally.

Basically, the most important thing to remember here as a member of this community is to keep all topics of discussion related to professional wrestling history. That is what this journal is for. As you can see in the list of communities below, there are several communities avaialble on LJ to discuss the latest wrestling 411. Otherwise, have fun, people! Hope you like what you see!

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